CORE Provides Intense Exercise Therapy

People often assume a traumatic spinal cord injury means a life destined to a wheelchair. However, a new facility in Central Florida is changing the destiny of those living with paralysis. Spurred into action after a motor vehicle accident rendered him a quadriplegic in 2005, Matthew Davies, along with his wife Melodie Patton, has opened the Center of Recovery & Exercise (CORE).


CORE utilizes an unprecedented activity based program to give clients, who have a range of neurological disorders, an opportunity to maximize their mobility, health and independence. Unlike traditional physical therapy, clients spend each session out of their wheelchairs to focus on working their whole body – even the areas affected by paralysis. In addition to extensive muscle memory routines, CORE also incorporates the latest neurorecovery technology to address clients’ needs and goals.


“The prevention of secondary complications, such as osteoporosis, pressure sores and muscle atrophy, is one of the most beneficial aspects of our program,” said Senior Exercise Physiologist, Malerie Murphy. “But, we’re also seeing functional return in our clients who range from one year to eleven years post injury.”


And, leading research supports what CORE is doing. According to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, numerous studies indicate individuals living with paralysis can benefit from programs that integrate strength, aerobic and flexibility exercises in addition to gait training. These interventions activate the neuromuscular system with the objective to retrain the nervous system to recover a specific motor task.  “Furthermore, the positive environment gives clients the confidence to pursue personal goals outside of CORE, resulting in an overall improved quality of life,” said Murphy.


“After five years of various forms of therapy and conditioning, I realized my recovery could be accelerated and broadened by exposure to a committed training staff resourced with the latest successful techniques and equipment,” said Davies.


In addition to the Center, the CORE Foundation was also established in the fall of 2011. The foundation’s mission is to expand the availability and quality of CORE’s services for people with spinal cord injuries and related disorders.


For more information on the CORE program, please visit or call 321-418-3050.

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